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My Short Biography

Our company is a close knit  group of  working videographers who’s primary focus is to produce revenue generating video’s for small business’s at a fair price.

After graduating with a radio and television degree,  I spent the next 23 years working in Washington D.C. primarily for Associated press, CNN,and Fox news covering the White House as well as Capital Hill and state dept. In addition during this time frame, I had the honor to work for various production companies.

Todays digital and social media technologies are allowing  small business’s to reach perspective patrons at a fraction of the cost  of just a few years ago. It’s my belief that the newest tech savvy consumers seek out and purchase from businesses that identify themselves using the available tools.

Take a moment to consider why your competition is embracing 21st century marketing venues and see if it might be right for your business.


                                                                                                Scott Payne